Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The idea of raising minimum wage has been brought forward by the people to their government. Due to the fact that people believe they are not getting enough money to cover the cost of living. However, the cost of living is different in each state. For example, New York's cost of living to higher than Indiana's. For businesses raising minimum wage to $15 for example, would take a large amount of money from the businesses profit and can cause the business to lose financial stability.

If businesses are affected than eventually the economy will start to hurt because businesses give the economy most of its financial stability. Overall I think it is a bad idea to raise to $15 because in places like Indiana that would be to much. People flipping burgers at McDonald's do not need $15 an hour. I also believe that it could cause problems for the economy and for people in general. Prices will go up because of raising minimum wage and due to that the cost of living will go up, so really doesn't help anything. So people need to stop complaining and learn how to spend money better, and stop spending money of getting your nails done, getting a new phone, or getting a stupid fidget spinner. Your broke, you don't need it.
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