Wednesday, March 22, 2017

  • Career- Business Marketing

    • Median salary-  $53,400/yr.
          • $3,115/month
    • House cost- $239,500
        • $833.86/ month 15 yr. Plan
          • In Montgomery, IN   3 beds 2 baths 2,150 sqft.
    • Car- Jeep Compass
      • $28,995
      • $521.00 /month

    • Car insurance- $470/month
    • Electric Bill- $114.47/month
    • Water Bill- $50/month
    • Grocery Bill- $150/month
    • Gas- $160/month
    • TV/Internet- $90/month
    • Cell Phone- $80/month
    • Student Loan- $115.08/month
    • Retirement Amount- $311.50/month
    • Money to spend on Myself- $219.09/month

Monday, March 6, 2017

The three thing that our government should spend more money on is science, agriculture/food, and energy/environment. Because then we would be able to work on finding cures for diseases, allow more food to be produced, if we help with the environment it could make the world around us better for us and if we work on another type of energy we wouldn't have to spend money on buying oil/gas from other countries. The three things our government should spend less on is like unemployment/food stamps, housing/community, and  Medicare/health. Because why should we be giving our money we worked for to people who just don't work and are lazy. I'm not saying everyone in that program is lazy and just doesn't work but most of them are. Well if we raise spending in science to fine cures it would help the lower prices on some medication. Also most of the people that need the housing/community are the people in the food stamp programs, so just get a job. Maybe if those people would get a job we could have more money to spend on thing we need to unlike spending it on your lazy sack. Thanks.
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