Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Flag Burning is intentionally burning and/ or mutilating a flag as an act of political protest. This act has been a hot topic in our country's history since the Federal Flag desecration in 1968, but recently has made its way back into the news. In the past two years with the campaign, election, and the election outcome many protesters have went back to using flag burning as a way to get there points across. After President Elect Trump’s victory was announced students at American University, in Washington D.C, burned flags as a form of protest. These students used matches to burn flags while yelling “This is a representation of America, we are going up in flames” Students participating through this thought  their acts were going lead to a revolution. However, There was an equal amount of students protesting against the burning saying it was a hate act. Also this kind of protest has been used in protests concerning race and gender equality. So, revolution or hate act?
Personally, I believe it should be illegal. To me it is an insulting act towards our country and a slap in the face to those who have served and died to protect our country. Many people try to say it is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech? Hmm. How do they think they got that freedom? They have that freedom because of the people who fought for our freedom and for what the flag stands for. Show a little respect. Saying it's ok to burn a flag because freedom of speech is like saying it was ok for the KKK to burn crosses in victims yards and ok for some to burn a church down to get their point across. No! It's not ok they are all acts of hate in my eyes. Pro-flag burning  people use freedom of speech and the 1st amendment as to why it is ok for them to do it. That is just a copout. Some also say it is a political issue not a constitutional issue.

This has been a controversial issue between morals and constitutional rights. In 1989 the Supreme Court ruled that  the desecration of the flag is protected by freedom of speech. Also Congress has refused to pass a law against flag burning due to the constitution and the Supreme Court ruling. Many government employees admit that these decisions were made not based on personal or moral beliefs but on what is right for americans based on the constitution. President Elect Trump has not held back on his opinion on this issue. He has tweeted that it should be illegal, a criminal act, and should be punished by revoking someone's citizenship. Trump also hopes to pass a law against flag burning when he get into office. Whether you agree or not, it is safe to say this is going to continue to be a issue in our country.