Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I think the Balancing Budget Amendment should be passed as the 28th Amendment. Doing this would help help with our huge debt. This would also help keep us from going into debt again. Also keeping a balance budget could allow us to lower taxes and could help the economy, also could raise house hold income in the lower and middle classes. Doing this will allow us to have more money to put into military programs and educational programs. Now that could cause the unemployment to go down and help improve our military strength. A stronger balance makes a stronger America.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The "In God we Trust" statement on money, well my view is if you don't like it then you can get the hell out of America. I'm sorry but that is how I feel about it. It's our currency for our country and you chose to live here, so why should we have to change our currency for you. Also why do people that are against this even care, it is money you buy toilet paper and soap with it why should you care if it is on it. Did your parents not give you enough attention so you decided "Oh I'm going to wait till I'm a 40 years old with nothing great in my life but my religion, then I'm going to fuel and start a country wide argument about words on money", why should you care. The reason I care is because I'm tired of people's lack of common sense and people complaining about stupid crap, grow up. Another thing is the Hobby Lobby crap. OH MY GOD PEOPLE, why should it matter that a christian owned company doesn't want to provide birth control to their employees as medical care. It is their company and not providing this is against what they believe and they are still providing medical care but just not this. Also you can get birth care products other ways and from other places. I think the Supreme Court should just leave the money the why it is and also just leave Hobby Lobby alone too.
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