Friday, August 19, 2016

 The Westboro Baptist Church should not be allowed to protest at military funerals. This is plain stupid and disrespectful. Why don't you guys protest a child molesters funerals instead of soldiers. Soldiers and Americans that aren't in your church are not the ones making America fall apart you guys are. Also you guys say God hates gays and soldiers well the last time I checked the bible says not to judge people and that God loves all his children. You guys also say God wants soldiers and Americans dead but also the bible says to love your neighbor as you would want them too. If one of those soldiers were my dad and you guys were protesting his funeral, I would straight up punch you in the face. I'm sorry but its true you just don't do that to a family. I think that protesting at a funeral should be banned and that you are not allowed to protest on funeral property and church property, also you have to protest 100 yards away from these properties. This is not taking away your freedom of speech or protesting rights. You can still protest but not at these locations. So don't try to say "She's wants to take our rights away." no I am saying that is one place that it shouldn't be done at. Just the same as its your right to enlist in the army and its your right to disagree with someone. And thank you to the ones who protect these funerals against these people.


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